Gallery : Choir past & present

More than 60 years lie between these pictures: The choir in 1946/7 under organist Miss Manners (the then Rector's sister) and in 2008 at the Caritas event in Brighton under James Rushman & Fr. Timothy Peskett (the current Rector), admittedly, a "one off".

The group outside the vestry is the newly founded 11 o'clock choir in  the late 1990s. They are

front row l-r: Charlotte Diprose, Haley Diprose, ?, Rayhun Arminian, Leah Powell, Charlotte Wough, Jenni Witton, Tom Harris, Chris M...

middle row l-r: Julie Fair..., Petra Mooras, Elise Baker, Becky Harris, Charlotte Walsh, Sarah Walker, Shirley Atkins, Director of Music John Atkins, Fr. Robert Harris

back row l-r: Tina Paske, Tim Brown, Evelyn Cooke, Charlie Graham, Andrew Lloyd,  John Hignett, Yvonne Booker

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