Gallery : Stained Glass Windows

Five of the stained glass windows were designed by Christopher Webb (1886 - 1966) in the 1950s & 60s. Webb's designs are amongst the finest of the first half of the 20th century. The East Window depicts the Madonna and Child with a Nativity scene below. It replaced the original Victorian Crucifixion scene which was destroyed  during the war. St. Cecilia & Angels  are found in the North Chancel, St. Richard of Chichester in a pastoral setting on the Southern side. The South Aisle has Ss. Michael & Alban, and Noli Me Tangere (Don't touch me) depicts the Resurrection encounter between Mary Magdalene & Jesus according to John (20.17).

Similar in style are the windows in the South Aisle by Frederick Cole (1908-1998) depicting St. Francis, and an inter-war James Powell & Sons'  St. Martin.

The Annunciation window in the South Chancel wall is the work of Henry Rushbury (1889-1968), dating to 1949.

Four Victorian windows from the workshop of Heaton, Butler & Bayne survive. The West Window depicts Mary & Joseph finding the boy Jesus in the Temple  (Luke 2.46). Paul & the Viper with the Maltese shipwreck scene, and Paul curing Publius' father (Acts 28.8) is found in the East-facing South Aisle wall, and a figure weighing justice (Diocesan Coat of Arms) in the South Aisle facing West. The window in the side chapel depicts secular badges and sacred symbols.

The "Blake Memorial Window"  in the South Chancel wall commemorates  the 250th anniversary of William Blake, who famously lived in Felpham where he wrote "Jerusalem". It is the work of Meg Lawrence (*1953). It was installed in 2010 and dedicated by the Dean of Chichester  8 May 2011. The imagery is taken from Psalm 104 & Blake's poetry.

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